Yard Machine snowblower wont work unless being primed

What’s going on everybody Rob here with another video on this yard machine snowblower or snowblower whatever you call it. I just finished a video on repairing the cable on this yard machine snow thrower and I found out that the auger and nylon and plastic wrapped inside of it. In the video I stated be sure to measure your oil to gas ratio. But I didn’t do that myself and I believe I gummed up the carburetor with oil. This yard machine snowblower would not work in less I Priming the carburetor. If I was not constantly priming the carburetor this yard machine snowblower would die out. I took apart the front part of the carburetor and I sprayed some carburetor cleaner in the gas tank. I also added more gas to boost the octane and listen the oil in the gas flowing through the system. I had to prime the snowblower to push all the old gas through the system. Then everything went working fine again. Stay tuned for my next problem with this snowblower it keeps grounding itself all. Thanks for watching

,ROb here AKA trev2323