Toro Snowblower Won’t Start (don’t replace the carb) Fix It with GumBuster by CleanCarburetor

To see how to start your snowblower in 5 minutes watch this:

The video shown here I posted 2.5 years ago with the intention of helping people getting their snowblowers ready for the first snowfalls.

At the time I didn’t know any better. I removed all the parts from the single stage snowblower: chute, upper shroud, lower shroud, primer bulb, cut-off switch and the electric start switch. It is all necessary to get to the carburetor and replace it. It took me about an hour and a half to install a new carb. It ran fine that first year but then a year later, the same problem: it wouldn’t start. Doing it again it didn’t sound like fun. I said, it’s got to be a better way! This year I came up with GumBuster, carburetor kit that consist of purge valve and gum solvent can. The purge valve replaces the carburetor bottom screw. Once installed it stays permanently installed on the machine. The solvent gets injected inside the carb through the valve and dissolves the gum in 5-10 minutes. The small amount of starting fluid helps the initial start. Once started, the fuel flow inside the carb cleans further all the small jets and the passages and the engine starts running as it should. It works great! Any time lawn mower, snow blower, pressure washer, generator, roto tiller doesn’t start, just give it some GumBuster. I don’t have to find excuses when my friends call me with their non-starting engines anymore. Order your kit today: