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Getting To Know Cubase SX

Getting to know Cubase SX can be a struggle, especially if you are new to music production. However when you do, the possibilities are endless. With incredible MIDI and audio recording and editing functions Cubase is a fantastic music creation tool.

The best way to get your head around Cubase is to learn bit by bit. Explore the program and don’t try to be too adventurous at the start. Try some basic MIDI editing and don’t worry too much about getting a great sound, that will come in time. The VST instruments included with Cubase are a great place to start.

The help function is very helpful in cubase and there are lots of forums on the internet for help and advice. The layout of Cubase is very user friendly so once you have found your way around the main arrange window a lot of the functions will become clear. Other programs like logic etc… just don’t seem to have the ease of use that Cubase does. Wether it’s recording, mixing, MIDI or audio manipulation Cubase can do it quickly and do it well. With a huge range of plug ins available the creative range is unlimited.

Whatever you record the program will help you create a great sounding track. Cubase truly is one of the best programs out there when you get to know it. You could consider a music technology course that run an hundreds of locations. Also there are some great video tutorial CD Rom’s/ DVD’s available.


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