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by Ron

Published: January 24, 2020 (2 years ago)


Denver, CO

Used lawn mowers can save you considerable amounts of money without compromising on quality and brand.

There are now many websites that list used mowers for sale or auction. Some places that you can find used lawn mowers for sale online are:


You can also browse local garage sales and second hand stores. Some lawn mower and home improvement stores may also have a refurbishment section where you can buy used mowers which have been improved and fixed to work and look almost like new.

Newspapers are another place to find classifieds for used lawn mowers for sale.
Naturally when you are buying used you are generally not going to receive a warranty with your purchase.

For that reason it is vital that you carefully inspect the mower and be sure that it works properly before you pay for it.

Give it a test run to see how well it cuts, what it sounds like, if there are any strange noises or smells and just inspect the general condition of the motor.

Despite the fact that it’s cheap, you don’t want it breaking down the first time you use it.
Someone who has looked after their mower would have serviced it regularly and generally kept it in good condition.

You will be able to tell almost right away if a mower has been looked after, or if it has been treated badly.

You should consider the cost in your perception of the lawn mower quality.

Currently there are over 13,000 lawn mowers for sale or auction on eBay ranging from very cheap right up to $3000 ride on mowers so there really is something for every need and budget.